Mess with a servant of God, you will know

That you are messing with God!” (1)

But he did wrong, you say.  That is okay.

He is a vital cog!



And if you are right, that he did wrong,

That his machine needs repair.

“That job is Mine, Master Mechanic!

I did this, with no man share!



Let the LORD fix him!  Made him, you know!

Master Mechanic is He!

If he requires new parts you can realize

He knows which part it will be!



Something is missing, like, patience perhaps,

Flies off the handle at times?

God can take care!  Just leave him to God!

Could be the least of his crimes!



Maybe an overhaul is required!

God is good at that, too!

If he (2) is missing a link somewhere,

Does GOD know what to do?



Come on!  Do not you know He made the jerk?

May need to remake!  He can!

Complete revamping?  Can do that, too!

Back to the frying pan!



It is God’s job, not yours, do your thing!

Does not include judgmental!

God will fix it, even though He finds,

That He has to dismantle!



(1)  Phil Hotsenpiller

(2) No!  I am not that!



I am Sam Cox  (created)  02.27.09

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