When the mists of night have past revealing

God’s forever day,

No contention left deceiving

Driving peace away!



Sun?  No need!  The Son of God

Determines light forever!

In the sunshine of His Grace,

Walk in darkness?  Never!



“Eyes have not seen nor ears have heard,

Nor have  a n y  conceived,” (1)

What the Father’s prepared for them

Who love Him and perceived–



What Faith portends who wait for Him.

Receive what God has prepared, (2)

Many mansions for those in love

Who have His mercy shared!



Joy and peace forevermore!

Nothing below to compare,

To the happiness we will know

And with countless numbers share!



Done with sadness!  Tears?  No more!

Can anyone consider

The ecstasy?  “Joy unspeakable (3)

Full of glory.”  The Giver!



Rejoice now in God’s sacrifice!

Share peace forevermore!

When we will know joy completely,

On that forever shore!



Peace, bliss, imagine it!


Thinking fails!  Not even in dreams

Can we compare or see!



He promised, “I go to prepare…”

Do we not trust God’s Word?

“Let not your hearts be troubled!”

Most joyous words yet heard! (4)



Consider now, do not miss the trip!

Love Jesus, God’s Son.

God, the Father, Son and Spirit,

Of course, the Three are One!



Yes, gods a plenty men have made!

Only The One I see,

Creator, Father, Son, the Spirit,




(1) I Corinthians 2:9

(2) John 14:2

(3) Isaiah 64:4

(4) John 14



Me 03.05.09


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