We are the most miserable of men

If the dead rise not!

Just to lie there, mingle with earth,

No soul just die and rot!



No!  “Goodness and mercy have followed me,

All the days of my life!”

The rigors of farm life projected an

Adventurous future of strife!



Cannot begin to describe the misery of

Some of the tasks I endured!

Could not wait to get away from drudgery,

Freedom from farming secured!



Like, up in the mow, been trashing time,

To describe sheer misery

Storm of dust!  The struggle to stand,

An impossibility!



“Let Sam me do it!”  They all agreed!

The dirtiest task for me!

“Sam likes dust!”  Another declared!

Who am I to disagree?



Those people all dead now, except for Paul,

Who seemed exempted from work.

Seemed like a tragic separation,

As there was nothing to shirk!



My only hope at times it seemed,

Death and my resurrection!

Hope in Christ and heaven above!

A beautiful connection!



Live this life!  Non-Christians contend!

This is it!  It is all done!

70 to 80 years at the most!

Not Nirvana, has just begun.



According to many, life goes on,

Interminably until no end!

Each new life in a lower form,

Until worm or amoeba tend.



To perish but then possibly

The upward swing begins

To drag one back to eternal oblivion!

To Nirvana!  All those things. (*)



Though my life on the farm seemed that way,

The ever downward trend,

Think I see it was good for me!

Determined not to bend!



My only pleasure now extends to

Doing His will each day!

My talents directed now to keep

On going the Jesus Way!



(*) Hinduism replete with foolishness!



Sam Cox 12.14.08

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