Mary watched as Jesus stretched His arms up to the sky!

Then so slowly brought them down to His side!

No!  That cross was no surprise!



She felt again the shock when His hammer hit a nail,

A vision in her mind brought a sudden shock of pain!

It was the cross again!



A shadow fell just outside the cabin door!

The shadow formed a cross cast upon the floor!

She cried, “Please God!  No more!”



But she knew somehow the vision would not cease!

As the time of sacrifice drew near, they would increase!

The Father brought her peace!



Certainly she knew, “This sacrifice is for me!”

“My son must die for everyone to set us free!”

From sin and death!  The cross I see!



A memory awakes in Mary’s heart, one day!

A resurrection!  Death could not have its own way!

He would arise to live!  To stay!

(The cross is no surprise!)



From that cross He sees a thief in painful death!

But believing, crying out with his last breath,

“Remember me when…”  He smiles in death!

The cross is NO SURPRISE!



S. Cox 03.04.09

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