He existed before anything else was!

How could any have always lived?

Atheists decry injustice, should be thanking God

For ability to absorb this!



Was the sky always blue?  Sure, distance involved

With thousands of light years away,

And the sun, did Creator God do that?

So what is left for us to say?



Oh sure, the sky up there just happened to be,

Infinite God’s middle name,

For “In the beginning…” the Creator created!

All existence not the same!



Difference; the solar system to a tiny bug!

No comparison can be!

Can forever be compared to anything?

God’s pre-existence fair good enough to me!



We all need breath, spirits do not require,

Part of the sky, space, and spirits are

Far more real for they exist forever,

Never die, outlive that expensive car!



Multiple years to reach that closet star,

Is earth then clear out of it?

Earth is the very center if there is such,

As Hell is the deepest pit!



Space is forever as time surely is!

No limits, limitations only,

To we who make them fit our times on earth

Foreverness and never lonely!



I used to think, kids do, it was a wall

Way out there to keep us

From falling off into the abyss,

Out away from earth’s crust!



There is a great place called Heaven, I know,

No, I have not been there but I surely will,

Meeting His requirements and believing,

Forgiven!  He paid the bill!



With His own blood!   “…God so loved the world that He gave His only son

That whom so ever believes in Him will not perish!  Will have everlasting life!”



the Sam  yesterday

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