Let a little sun do it for you!

Once the clouds have all rolled away!

And if the clouds should just abide,

Sure, there is yet another day!



Then the Son of righteousness still waiting,

For me, seems interminably long!

I had to try everything there is to trust,

Like, mingling with the wrong throng!



Cohabitation, well, I slept, yes, on a grave one night,

In a country church yard, needed sleep!

Sure, seemed that a Saint was resting there,

No feelings left for counting of sheep.



Awoke refreshed, the travel hitchhiking it was,

Found there a town with a small Café!

Big black man, I think, sent from God he was I

Took his offered ride, what more is to say?



Speedometer reading stayed on 99, I read!

The smooth pavement, we just seemed to fly!

Many towns we whizzed through before Trinidad,

Small town in Colorado so high!



Black Angel reached for my hand as I got out,

Could tell I was broke, gave me a “5”,

“That Café yonder, get a bite to eat.”

And off he drove!  I am still alive!



Cannot tell this lad that God does not care,

When your mother’s praying back home,

There is a big God beside her,

Often lonely but never alone!




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