The beauty God gave us to see and to feel!

It is for everybody!  Just no need to steal!

Landscapes picture perfect, waterfalls the knells,

Schools, churches with the come hither bells!



Canyons that seen to just roar in their depths!

Now look down at that dirt, ten-thousand insects!

Ants never seem to get in the way

Of each other, do they feel light of day?



Birds, so many species, some large and some small!

Colorful creatures so strange, strange how they call.

To the like of each advancing on the limb

Of a tree to attract another of kin!



Often holding their food like insects that crawl!

Birds, countless numbers, cannot eat them all!

Insects that is, sure, a bountiful supply!

Do not live long uncertainties too many, they die!



Of course, snakes, all kids, rattlers and the like,

Some colorful and harmless, just catching your eye.

Like the beautiful creature once coiled about my arm,

Had slid down an embankment, I felt no alarm.



Soon carried it back up to its grassy ledge,

It then slid off my arm resting on the edge!

Then believe it turned its head just once,

As though to say thank you, sure, I am no dunce!



So I answered, believe it, “You are welcome, little guy!”

Some things you just cannot forget until you die!

Then remembered times often, sure, I hope mother found

Though both are long lying in the cold damp ground.



But not so!  Sure, I know you will agree

That heaven is the place for them and for me!

Looking forward, expectant that soon I will be

Up there to live with Jesus eternally!



the Sam

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