“My yoke is easy, My burden light…”

Why then do I struggle for sleep at night?

Pain that resists a comfortable rest?

Too often experienced miserable test!



Miserable feeling this sleeplessness,

Tempted to wonder and doubt, I guess.

Tempted, yes, but I stay with the Rock,

He will lead to that beautiful dock!



Final dock in that Heavenly cove,

Where dwell His peace and perfect love!

Contributing to my boundless joy!

With nothing left there to ever annoy!



Battles we lose but win in the end!

Decidedly win!  With God to defend!

Sleeplessly toss but cannot you see,

The many requests, “Please pray for me!”



Considering then forthcoming peace!

Nothing can harm!  My soul finds release!

So whether I die before I awake,

Or not sleep at all my faith will not quake!



Just to see Him there, immortality!

Clothed in His brightness for all to see,

All will see Him who love His commands,

Know Him by nail prints in His hands!



I love Him and know that He loves me!

I trust Him!  Though sleepless nights I may see!

If He wills I die what better place

To awaken to see His wonderful face!



Sam Cox  03.09.09

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