Distant stars, quintillion miles, sparkling way up there.

How can anyone surmise a God who does not care?

Distant orbs that look as if they are pin points we could reach.

How big, how great a God like this and yet we can beseech!



He hears us when we worship!  When we murmur or cry out!

“Hush child,” hear Him whisper, “I can hear you never doubt!”

Ears attend to your contesting words unspoken silent thoughts,

Never yet unattended!  That is what we from Calvary sought!



“Never fear for I have bought you, not without a fearful price!

Sleepless nights, every torture consummate with man’s devise!

It was worth it for I found you, you were lost but now you see

You are mine!  Now and forever since, by Faith, you found Me!”



“Not to worry about the future, you are in My tender care!

Though you die grave clothes claim you I will never leave you there.

Do not you know twice mine you are!  You can never get away!

You may leave but I will find you, there is nothing left to say!”



“Just rejoice!  You have been purchased by My death on Calvary.

Pain I suffered, you will never, you will never feel or see!

Yes, there may be pain and sorrow but no more that you can bear!

I am with you, this I promise!  All your sorrows I will share!” (*)



“Then once home in Heaven, rejoicing all your pain and sorrow gone!

No need for rest but if desired there is My arm to lean upon!”



Can you think of any better way to pass the time? (**)

Than to visit countless planets in God’s universe, sublime!



(*) Jesus’ very words!

(**) I forgot, in Heaven, time is not a factor!



Sam Cox  yesterday

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