Surely aware of enemy eyes,

Peering out through the trees!

Forest was thick and heavy with brush!

Fully aware of what he sees!



Wishing he had some ammo,

Watching with baleful eyes,

Wished to demolish this soldier!

Take him down, surprise!



Did I read enemy correctly?

As I dared him to appear?

Take him on single handed,

Think I had no fear?



Left Tommy gun back in my hole!

Restless in that warm rain.

Grimaced and growled with every throw,

Two trench knives, over and again!



At the trees, one near, one far,

One bayonet I had rescued

From Japanese, it was much longer,

Than our G.I. issue!



Pretty proficient, I became!

Each throw repetitiously,

All day did not mind the rain!

Each throw was an enemy.



Each throw, my imagination,

Each throw with a growl,

“Love you enemies?” meaningless!

Each toss grew a scowl!



“Come and get it!”  I would mutter!

Hate enemy, of course!

After all I am a soldier now!

Jesus, took on that cross!



Jesus died for His enemies! (*)

Yes, but this is war!

Do we hate, shoot from fear!

What is this fighting for?



Daylight dawned!  What was that sound?

Loud with a fearsome yell!

Was it a friendly or enemy?

Had to look, just hard to tell!



How did I know exactly where to go?

Enemy?  My threatening looks?

Hate begets hate!  This I know!

Hotel rooms carry those books!



Booby trap!  Our guy lay dying!

What happened?  I could not quite say!

Curiously!  He wandered around where I had been,

Dear God, how to pray?



How could I not feel responsible,

Responsible?  Did I kill?

Certainly God forgave long ago!

Then why remember it still?



(*) “Father forgive them…”



Sam Cox  03.18.19

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