Our bush finally blooms and flowers!

Full blossoms last near a week!

Blooms beautifully for a month!

Ever it has reached its peak.



My impatience seems far more patient!

Flowers the year round!

Shooting up through a sturdy bush,

Just smiling through its frown!



As impatience shows its fervency,

Like, blooming the year round,

Should we not be impatient

To, in His Grace abound?



His persistent, firm, voice reminding,

Another who needs His Grace,

This one who needed Salvation!

Point out the better place!



As impatience does remind us,

Doing its natural thing,

As God planted us in His Grace,

Can we through trials sing?



Or will we leave the witnessing to

Flowers that we attend?

That know not any better than,

His goodness to extend?



The fragrance of the roses,

Gardenias purest white!

Snap dragons so colorful,

Impatience!  There is a sight!



Five petals, all they acknowledge,

Their similarity

Seem a bit monotonous!

In their duplicity or is it only me?



But recognize now tenacity

In their flowering stance,

Cold weather does not slow them down!

They year round dance!



May we not, too, as Christians,

Display a happy face?

Through wintry tribulation,

Supported by God’s Grace!



Sam Cox  date unknown


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