A darkness one could really feel!

Looked up no stars out there!

Hand close to my face cannot see it!

Sightless, like, I am nowhere!



Age 20 I had left hometown,

Gravel road crunched below!

Feet instinctively felt for grass

Beside the road should grow!



Treading carefully soon it was found!

I wondered what lay ahead?

Inching along considering that

“This is like being dead!”



Or blind, at least, how to figure!

Like, I prayed finally

Moved along like being pushed,

Oh, so glad Grace is free!



Suddenly white faintly ahead!

A church quite possibly!

Eyes fixed on that brightness up there,

Moved along confidently!



From Ohio to Kansas City,

Out on that pitch black road.

I had been trying to get away,

Far away from my God!



Complete the darkness that day Jesus died!

It struck, like, middle of the day!

Priests terrified!  Angels bemoaning,

Not the happiest day!



Must the Christ put up with this?

An angel asks another,

‘Killing God’s son!’  Shook his head,

Well, Cain killed his brother.



Stop!  This is GOD!  These are Priests,

Just how can one comprehend?

Assuming sin’s penalty now

Against sin to contend!



“Wages of sin is death!”  God decreed!

Then God took it on Himself!

Can we make a God like this to

Place up on a shelf?



Our God lives!  Died but arose!

Forgave our sins the result!

Sins loss, GOD Himself assumed!

Will not find this in no cult!



Cannot put this story on canvas,

To large for any pics!

God gave Himself to die for me!

Cultists all fiddle-sticks!



“Meroni,” “I Am,” what have you,

“Mormon,” all pacing in the dark!

Then, see that light?  The perfect church!

Jesus alone my mark!



I did find my way much later!

Then my God took care of me!

Same God trudged through blackest night!

Gave it all on Calvary!



Sam Cox 03.20.09

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