He remembers I am crusty clay fashioned from the dust.

He knows this body must return to dirt again, a must!

Dust we are!  To dust return!  Compassion is the care.

The complicated body parts, God made us cannot compare!



What started out Eternal now a wasted ninety years!

Have mercy, Lord, deliver!  Deliver from our fears!

Wasted?  No, not wasted if our mortality

Is contributive to character everlastingly.



Character, what is it?  Just the manhood in a man!

That flaunts mediocrity asserting, yes, I can!

And we add with God’s help, for without it we but fail!

Knowing our assertiveness adds up to no avail!



Availing nothing, riches, power, the power to destroy!

Availing not downtrodden and left to be destroyed!

But deep within each heart the desire to be free,

Free from this brief moment of satanic tyranny.



The years of desperation past and now we truly know,

There is nothing for this traveler left on this earth below!

Nothing but eternity foreverness the dim

Unknowable but soon to know the Everlasting Him!



The other him who once we knew, Destroyer of Souls,

Temptations, sordid issues, devil only controls!

But the we learned of Jesus!  Who everlastingly

Delivers forever from satanic tyranny!



Sam Cox

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