Cruelty to tenderness the opposites contend,

An opposing message always and the message sends

Wrong and right but a middle optional today,

In spite of a majority now many people say!



Could not careless, got a life I must live!

I am friendly, good-bye to my friends I give!

Not enough, what did Christ say about this?

“Bought with a price,” and what did I miss?



My life belongs to Him since Heaven-bound!

“Not my own,” I am bought with a price I have found,

Jesus!  Gone are all those worldly desires, strange it seems,

Indebted to a Christ-likeness!  Forgotten sinful dreams!



If we suffer with Him, we will also reign

Though just to live with Him is enough!

To sit at His feet forever I can do

Well, without the other stuff.



But the other stuff cannot be overlooked,

Part of the everlasting life!

Promised believers intensity of

Supersedes all other delights!



World may offer those who have it all

In this upside-down life of woe.

Been everywhere and there is not nothing left,

Of value here below!



But come, go with Me to My Father’s Home,

Where peace is never ending!

There is peace and gladness evermore!

Hell’s idols never bending!



“In My Fathers House are many mansions,”

Is this not clear enough?

To far best anything here below!

Look here now!  See only stuff!



That is junk, son!



Sure, the Sam 08.14.13

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