Tendril of that clinging vine,

Did out God do that, too?

Curling itself around that stem,

Where from seed it grew.



Certainly that seed that sprouts

Made a clinging vine!

Tender, malleable, complete!

Creator, The Divine!



Same God made the solar system!

In space forever there!

Planets, suns, other stars so bright!

And earth!  Without compare!



Then other planets and whose to know,

They populous or not?

Image of God, like the same, we

Cannot as of yet know!



But some Golden Day, common knowledge

Image of God, like, the same?

Green, black, red, all will understand!

All on the same train.



God created, we did not, just happened!

Even though controversies abide!

God’s very image, Spirit, for sure.

And none can from Him hide!



Our lineage for certain, Creator God!

His language we will all know then!

Pure language, as though born in it!

Red, yellow, black, knowing all.



Our God of love, loves all alike!

With a love, unquestionable!

On that sadistic cross, hours spent!

Took sins of us all!   No fable!



God does not send any to Hell!

Man’s choice alone contends

Where he will spend Eternal years!

Heaven is my intends!



the Sam 08.12.13

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