God is a mystery, man cannot define!

Explain His all power, God the Divine!

We cannot!  Definable only in terms

Of limitless Majesty nature confirms!



To continue the journey in mystical realms,

Contained solar guidance, ships without helms,

God guides, sustains, without sound or thought!

He powers the universe!  Cannot be bought!



For love is the catalyst far reaching beyond

Time, space, evermore, leaving no sound!

But His gentle thunder, while cannons insist!

Cannot compare to sounds of His bliss!



Reaching from the heavens with all embracing,

His love is real and not without tracing,

Trace all to Calvary, love without limit!

Can any fathom or ever explain it?



Became sin!  Who knew none or any defilement!

Contaminate purity?  Yet, was God sent?

God’s only Son but did He go willingly?

Living God’s love!  Loving continually!



Loving still loving just how can one doubt it?

Loving us still!  I will never debate it!

Proving daily, His love, through blessing!

Who then can keep from His name confessing?



Not me!



Sam Cox 03.25.09

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