God helps those who are helpless!

Who cannot help themselves!

The weak crying out for aid!

The cripple on the shelf!



That blind man with his hand out,

That shaking helpless hand,

Cannot see the light of day,

Cannot understand!



The beauty of a sunrise

Or sunset after dark,

Cannot see the mountains

When the mists have blown apart!



Cannot see the mist but the

Dampness he can feel!

Does he know that God above

Is merciful, is real?



The blind of heart but cunning,

Despicable of soul!

Dealing cards of misery!

His blindness in control!



Does he know that he has one?

That he may live in hell?

Striving for that pot of gold,

But how can any tell?



Blindness of the soul far worse!

Contaminates, shrivels,

Shrinks the membrane of the mind.

This life only!  So dismal!



“God helps those who help themselves.”

A truly stupid saying!

What help is needed from a god

That does not hear you praying?



Is God a figment of some-

One’s vain imagining?

Needing help, can help myself!

Then in self stagnating?



Self help is a signature of

The independent soul,

Or perhaps no soul at all!

Can he this control?



In God’s control!  My signature!

I follow where He leads!

My helplessness cries out to Him!

I hunger and He feeds!



I hunger after righteousness!

For He alone is right!

Lucifer was a know-it-all!

Someday, will give up the fight!



Sam Cox 03.25.09

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