“In all things give thanks.”  This I am learning to do!

Greed breeds corruption, know well this is true!

So greedy for comfort can this be a sin?

Yes!  If your comfort eliminates Him!



Your comfort zone may just lead you astray!

I am peaceful now, you are dismissed, go away!

Could this be your thinking and can you admit

Struggling for comfort can lead you adrift?



“Woe unto those complacent in Zion!”

Can one become stilted, solid as iron?

Stilted, complacent, all is right in the world!

Peaceful, I am satisfied, I am in control!



This stilted emotion pomposity,

Can suddenly lead one to real misery!

One can become stilted in Zion’s hall,

Until it is pomposity, wall to wall!



Forget all this prideful pomposity!

God is still ruling!  We in humility

Must recognize the One so far above,

Who still considers us in His love!



In this give thanks!  God is still on the throne!

As His children, we are cared for, never alone!

There is coming a day, all misery past!

Praise to the King of Kings!  Home at last!



S. Cox 04.01.09

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