Thank you, God, for this beautiful day!

And this setting with smog far away!

The hills close by with the mountains a far,

Cannot store such beauty in a jar!



Nor do I wish to as panoramic-ally,

I truly prefer it when all around me!

Such beauty!  The trails, a birds nest, now

Close by, I see it so clearly allow–



My eyes.  So clearly I can near see His face,

Am I that close to heaven by Grace?

I long to see Him, His beauty so real!

In heaven, but still needed I feel!



This feeling presumptuous?  No, I can say

It is what I know, He will have His way!

When ready for me, He will say, “Come!”

Won’t be until my day here is done!



Here beauty all around!  Near fanciful!

Snap dragons, purple, bright yellow, beautiful!

Wild roses, deep red, soon flowering,

God did it!  You know it!  We on Him call!



Thank Him for all the rich beauty around!

All this, God arranged, seeds in the ground!

God did it all so intricately!

You can sense His love!  It is all there to see!



And I will soon see Him in heaven above!

This blood-washed sinner, His perfect love!

How can you doubt Him?  His love, you know,

Can take you to heaven from earth below!



So look now, see His beauty everywhere,

But who can you see that halfway compares?

God’s matchless garden by river so clear!

Diamonds, rubies, gold dust sands, there near!



Will anything here match the beauty you will find?

No!  What you will see will blow your mind!



Sam Cox 04.01.09

2 thoughts on “THANK YOU, GOD!

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