Can you see Jesus’ shadow out there?

Forming a cross on the sod?

Think He knew that He would suffer and die?

For every man’s sins, as God?



Suppose that this boy growing up,

Sensed that His freedom to live

Would be curtailed in His prime,

With nothing at all to give?



Think that as He fed multitudes,

The thousands seated out there,

He knew before that crucifixion,

Would shorten His life so fair?



Would temptation to flee such suffering,

His human right contained,

Like overthrew the prophecy,

So that man in sin remained.



Would a loving God succumb to such

Temptation?  Think, humanity,

Lose self in some deserted cave?

Forget about you and me?



The Savior’s ever consuming love,

Would not be constrained!

Or cause any forgetfulness,

Suspect to a Savior’s name!



He came to save us!  Carry our sins,

All of them!  To that hanging!

Can such fortitude again be found,

By spikes, holding there dangling?



I think not!  Till the death, finally!

Brings a sighing end

Continuous!  Suffering!  Such

To make other human bend!



But did He bend, give in, to sin?

We all know, He did not!

Savoir of all people!  Sinless I see!

No sin could ever blot!



Sinless!  So that He could forgive!



the Sam 07.29.13

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