Dense darkness covers, how can this be?

Sun still high, crucifiers flee!

Run into each other, terrified!

Not realizing for them He died!



Meant nothing, their religiosity.

In the Temple daily, so candidly

The ritual of sacrifice was just that!

Just a ritual!  The depth, the meaning fell flat!



Yet when the heavens blackened that day,

Pharisees, even the priests, fled away!

Tore into each other, ridiculous sight!

But no sight at all!  Black, the black night!



Only faint light on that cross was seen!

By those looking up, what could this mean?

John gazed long then covered his eyes!

The women wept!  This was no surprise!



“Mary,” the voice from the cross was clear!

The Savior’s face only seemed to be near!

“Behold thy son!”  All eyes turned to John!

His figure in darkness slight surprise shown!



“John, behold your mother.”  Tenderness plain!

Felt by each other, a pledge contained!

Silence was broken, when suddenly

They heard from the cross, “Forsaken Me…”



“Why?”  His scream shatters the dark!

But as soon clarity found its mark!

In measured tones, “Into Thy Hands…”

Tortured Spirit had followed commands!



Darkness fled, evening light came clear!

Mary’s gaze turned as John came near!

Sadness but peace!  Was it faith inspired?

A new day dawning, was it truth conspired?






S. Cox 04.05.09

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