Just who was it that crucified Him?  Drove those nails through His hands?

Who did this dastardly deed?  Some natives in foreign lands?

Ignorant people who worship Buddha, Sevah, or what’s his name?

Devils by any other name, idols!  They are all the same!



Idolatry, we send people out, call them missionaries,

Distinguished group, sacrificing all to serve foreign countries,

Tell of Jesus but who are they?  People who crucified,

Just like all the rest of us!  For whom Jesus died!



Dispelling all the ignorance, are they just as bad as we?

Wickedness, for this Jesus died, we nailed Him to that tree!

Ministers all dressed up nice, can we not understand?

“All have sinned, all have come short…”  Not just in foreign lands!



So just why did Jesus die?  The question is for whom!

He died for all us sinning fiends!  Now there is a different tune.

“I am only a sinner Saved by Grace.”  These words from Apostle Paul!

“Forgive us our sins,” prayed each day, prayed by one and all! (*)



Emphasis then Grace of God, I am a sinner!  I need!

I need His forgiving presence, just why did Jesus bleed?

“Be ye therefore perfect!”  Of course, we depend each day!

Upon His forgiveness to keep us clean!  What then is left to say?



I depend on Him to keep me clean!  Do I wash my hands between meals?

Then I do need Him to wash my heart, for all that it conceals!

This is then what Christians mean by striving to be like Him!

We may fail but always try to keep from getting dim!



(*) All Christians



Sam Cox 04.09.09

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