I love this earth place passionately!

Ancient lands and still free!

Just who drove China to build that wall?

Pre-dawn of history.



Smooth topped mountains, just nowhere else!

Greenery everywhere!

Wide rivers flowing, houseboats floating,

Natural resources there!



The Eternal Snows decidedly

Cannot be matched at all!

Share with Tibet matchless majesty,

Heavenward!  Rise and fall!



Perfect view from a church yard high

Gazing down on clouds below! (*)

Fair hiding the greenery beyond,

Look up, see Eternal Snow!



As far as the eye can see both ways!

Kanchenjunga, Mount Everest, too!

Distance involved, Everest looks lower!

200 hundred feet difference the two.



Add Annapurna, high trinity,

Others can scarcely be smaller.

Eternal Snows most decidedly,

Grand view, nothing is taller!



This matchless sight inspires Godward!

Episcopal Church, I remember,

“Holy, Holy, Holy,” sung upon entering,

Majesty whitest splendor!



Inspired, of course, by the sight out there!

“Lord God Almighty,” we hear!

As we enter, of course, worshipfully!

Remembering it with a tear!



That hymn reminiscent of the matchless view!

White mountains gleaming bright!

God created!  What awaits in heaven?

Endless, fantastic sight!



I was eight or ten on that lofty height!

Will never forget that view!

The church that hymn so incredible!

As I strive to impress you!



(*) India



Sam Cox 05.08.09

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