So many, many years ago,

People, I outlived them all!

Farm, a fantastic place to grow!

Real living, as I recall!



Apple orchard I remember!

Like, apple butter time!

And cider so fresh and drinkable!

To keep you feeling fine!



“An apple a day,” picked from the tree,

Horse in the field nearby,

Whinnied for his fair share,

Could not resist his cry!



Well, of course, I picked him one!

Ate it out of my hand!

Habit forming this could be!

His prize from this fair land.



Lots of fresh grass not near enough

To satisfy his greed!

A fine big black rider he

Must satiate that need!



Give greedy horse his each day!

One day I came to take a ride!

Led him to a stand beside the fence!

Jumped on, from the side!



Suppose a foolish thing to do,

But now could this rube resist?

What else is youth worth living for?

Of such life consists!



Hardly prepared for fast and smooth,

Tore across that field!

Hooves beating on that soft sod!

His evil mind concealed!



His plan to stop dead at the fence

To throw me over it!

Fooled him!  Pulled my left leg over

His neck and softly lit–



To the ground, yes, on my feet!

Patted his neck and said,

“I will not punish your sneaky plan,

Another apple instead?”



He understood for he gave

Return ride, soft and smooth,

Pulled up to the opposite fence,

Expectantly, not rude!



Whinnying as I dropped back over,

I went to the nearest trees,

Picked a nice one and gave it to him!

Just chomped his thanks to me!



But recently I saw photos of

This once beautiful green!

Dead trees, dried grass, no animals,

Beautiful past, a dream!



Houses, barns, all falling apart,

Miles around all the same!

Greed!  Who needs the land anymore!

Money now is the game!



Beautiful farmland, once it was,

Milked the cows by lantern light!

Plow, cultivate, eat heartily!

Does wealth then bring blight?



Owns all those farms for miles around,

Soil once rich in dirt!

Dirt, once the livelihood,

Now cannot button his shirt!



Me, Cox  04.15.09

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