My hourly prayer at age ninety-four,

“Please make me feel like living.”

And if that is not possible, then I see one

Only reason for giving.



Continuing this life so endless it seems,

Way back in nineteen-nineteen.

Born somewhere near Elkton in Michigan

Then  W.W. I  so it seems.



Germans again now  W. W.  second,

Japan got in it, too!

I joined the fracas in the Philippines,

Just nothing else to do!



Consistently, I led a patrol

Through those endless trees.

Over hill and dale we sure hit the trail,

Japs picked us off as they pleased.



Countless times our full squad of twelve,

Was whittled down to four.

For 6 whole months replacements came,

Until there were no more!



Then “Slow down, Sam!”  This came from the rear,

Enemy shot and friend expired.

We knew better than to search for him!

Guess we were too tired (?)



Just same 4 again sitting around the fire,

Fine target, we could not care less!

Nor could we sleep there, just too warm out!

Talked and laughed I must confess.



God had a hand on those remaining,

Sure, same as before.

Four remaining to proclaim the message,

Of that Heavenly Shore!



the Sam was there and is here!


3 thoughts on “THE HEAVEN

  1. Langage says:

    Just needed to write and inquire where you got your layout? I’m scouting for one for my current weblog and really appreciate yours. Thanks so much.

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