Is God wild?  God is everything!

Whatever He wants to be!

Wildness of nature, the animals,

Look around!  Just look and see!



That tiger, lion, that crocodile,

Unfriendly to just everyone!

Capture before they kill and eat  you!

They may eat you just for fun!



Dad shot a tiger and its snarl

Just never left its face!

Scary it was!  And to be afraid

Not any kind of disgrace!



India, he took down many venison!

Fed us and the native help, too!

Skinned and cleaned the one, sure enough,

To last us a week or two.



Big deer, burak singa, the natives called,

Sure, some stuff I remember,

How can any forget anything,

Like, Christmas in December!



Nilguy, par per bitah-tah, and I shot him,

Small brother laid claim,

He had learned to tell stories early in life,

Big was never disdained!



All then laughed, sure it was story time!

We never discouraged him!

Tell another, quick as you could blink,

Of course, it was no sin.



He knew that everyone also  knew!

His stories just tall tales!

But did not seem to bother him one bit!

Enjoyment never failed!



Until father died then all stories stopped!

All of us took the blow,

Badly!  But existence continued on!

Surely life goes on, you know!



Heaven waits, dim consolation

He is wanted here and now!

Smallpox took him, I stood by his tent,

As near as they would allow!



Years went by, stations all cleared,

Back home in Michigan,

Forget it all!  But oh, so hard!

Counting higher than ten!



What helped then?  Hard work on the farm!

School and High School after,

Some remembered fathers attending there!

Much later there was laughter!



the Sam 06.29.13

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