Jesus, just the thought of You

Fills my heart with delight!

This world is no attraction now,

All I seek is Your light!



Your light, Lord, as revealed in Christ,

Light with brilliance that shines,

As I move in closer to You!

Savior, Redeemer, mine!



Had a vision, a glimpse of truth,

Savior’s face filled the sky.

Seemed far yet close and His presence

Dominated the eye!



Benevolence, loving kindness,

His eyes, His loving smile.

Seemed to grow brighter as He moved in,

Un-dimming all the while!



Gradually the face grew smaller!

Clarity was not lost!

The picture in His eyes I saw,

His death at such a cost!



Then that smile, such beauty there!

Brings joy forevermore!

Death is past, new life forever!

Eyes on that distant shore!



Kingdom of God,  in my heart!

Keeping my eyes on Him!

Near or far, He is always close by,

Brightness will never  d i m!



Sadness, times I may experience,

As eyes may drift away!

Following luster in fields afar,

Turn back that very day!



Return with tears, the sorrow real!

While I am still in the fold!

He has never withdrawn His love!

He is faithful who told…

“I will never leave nor forsake…”  Hebrews 13:5



Sam Cox 04.24.09

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