One new friend trusted me though

We had never met!

Trusted me with his wallet once

And that is when the stage was set.



Joe’s Place, Dumaguete, Negros,

Before we went up that hill.

If we had not there met up

Guess I would be up there still!



Buried, that is, or left to rot,

With a bullet in the head!

But my new friend then intervened!

And he was left there dead!



I was firing at a bunker,

A helmet on a stick!

It was a G.I. helmet,

An old enemy trick!



I, with a Tommy gun, fired

A slow trajectory tool,

Enemy knew then he had me!

Pinpointed enemy fool!



New friend came up asking me

“Sam, what you shooting at?”

Turned, stepping behind this tree,

I yelled, “Get down!”  Then heard splat!



I knew that bullet was meant for me!

He took it in the head!

I dove down that stupid hill!

He, already dead!



I did not even know his name!

Once showed me a picture of home.

Beautiful wife and little girl!

They were now left alone!



“Oh, God!  How could this happen?”

That shot was aimed for me!

If friend had not come up then,

I would be under that tree!



Do not even know his name but he

Took the time to learn mine!

Wallet that he trusted me with

Not like just party time!



Had planned to get stinking drunk for sure!

Each night before the Hill!

People he trusted got the wallet,

Do not know how he could tell!



His older friends had watched him,

And his wallet times before,

Wonder is he in heaven now?

Pray he got through that door!



His wife and child, if still alive,

Trouper since forgotten!

From our brief friendship, I am sure

I will meet him in heaven!



Sam Cox

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