A few more days this kid must go!

A day, a week, how can I know?

Just the feel of things can tell,

But for your sake I will not dwell!



On sordid technicalities,

Like all my past sins, wicked deeds,

You see Christ has forgiven all!

While still a sinner, made the call!



Plea for forgiveness, saw His face,

Dying there!  I am saved by Grace!

The Grace of God!  What need I more?

To see me safe on Heaven’s Shore!



That pain wracked visage, what compares,

All our sins He bore them there.

The Sinless One deliberately

Took them all to Calvary!



Should not His plan forever old,

To die for sinners be told and retold!

The place He suffered, Calvary,

Represents death for you and for me!



Did ever such love such passion meet,

To lift the sinner, bring defeat

To Satan’s plan, who hates man so

Meeting out torture to saints below.



Satan is hate!  The epitome

Of self destruction, with you and me.

Of course, he loves to see us in hell!

He hates!  How long?  Eternally tell!



Of course, it is hate!  When tortures done,

He will not quit!  Think another one!

Then see Jesus to countermand

To take control, to take a stand!



But for the one too weak to hold

The cliff hanger, all are told

Let go!  Drop into loving arms,

Rest there awhile, feel no alarm!



No fear, no dread, your Captain is near!

His comforting smile banishes fear!

“Walk with me…”  Blest invitation!

Leads you to your destination!



Where gladness is not just a place to be,

But the presence of God eternally!



Sam Cox  05.12.09

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