A collegiate wrote this oh

So many years ago!

With drink in hand, held high

With all…



Oh, here is to the ladies, its fair ladies,

Its Sally’s and Sadie’s, we love everyone.

And here’s to the Devil, with him we will revel,

Everlastingly day never done!



Delusions empty headed thoughtless ribald,

Deserving hell where the wicked are called.

Thoughtlessly living for this life alone

Ignoring God’s death, our sins to atone!



Pleasure-mad, foaming hydra phobically,

Maddened for pleasure, Devil serving devotedly!



Then, of course, those whose whole nature evolves

About life’s transitory, as nature calls,

Just do it!  What regrets for living in sins,

Ignoring the hell, eternal with the din!



Of tormented souls still crying to the stars,

“Get me out of this place!”  Sure, Jupiter, Mars,

Preferable to everlasting despair, with no end!

Forget God!  For He cannot hear you!

A great Gulf is fixed, no passage!  Yes, it is true!



Will this hell never end?  Answer is no.

Did you not choose this where you are to go?

Alternative, Jesus is awaiting your call!

Or did you not know, crucified for all?



All who are weary of sinning “Come to Me!”

Only acceptable priority!

Come to Him now!  Abundantly the pardon!

His promises true!  He awaits your confession!



the Forgiven son!

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