Confusion on a city street,

With the noise incessant!

Horns blaring and people cursing,

Sounds not so pleasant!



Of course, one can get used to it

The regularity

Expectant, think nothing of it!

But annoying decidedly!



Then peace once home and tranquil, yes!

Easy chair, shed the shoes,

Daily paper and that TV show!

Or even the evening news.



This realty we can anticipate,

Of course, most the time!

But as we well know in some cases

It is not so sublime!



Sure, drunkenness is accountable

In some cases, some homes,

And once in hell they can expect

The same!  Far worse with groans!



Much groaning decidedly true!

With fire all around!

Especially the fires or regrets,

Lamenting the sound.



What more then can sound be accounted for?

Of course, very much pain!

“Fires of hell!”  That was chosen,

Why then was Christ slain?



Through a hell He went, just for us!

Consider His expectancy,

His place up there with its joys!

Then slow death for you and me.



If we suffer with Him we will reign with Him!

Those losses through death,

The pain that He suffered for you and me,

Do we die with every breath?



If we can live now expectantly

Through all sorrows and woe,

In anticipation of heavens joys

Joyously we should go!



the Sam 06.11.13

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