The fire that once kept me going,

Was the preaching task.

Just five churches on my circuit,

Left little time to bask–



In sunlight or by the river

Good swimming but just no time!

But fishing one pond or another,

Kept our deep-freeze full, no crime!



Bluegill, Crappie, and Bullhead, too,

In the catfish family.

Delicious whenever cooked just right,

My wife learned it for free!



About fifteen miles between churches

Did two each Sunday morn!

Two more on a Sunday evening,

Sermon notes slightly worn!



But still readable Monday evening

Though they were seldom used,

In this huge Baptist edifice

Where members once abused–



Had left with only a few remaining,

These few loved God’s Word!

These few stayed on, not disappointed

It was God’s Word they heard!



Earnestly they seemed to listen,

Same few each Monday came!

For three years in this fine brick church

To worship in Jesus’ name!



South Iowa near Centerville,

Jerome in Iowa Parish.

Plano, Numa, some of the towns,

Brazil, some names I cherish!



Can I forget Cincinnati town?

Tomboy Betty lived there.

Requested a ride to my home in Jerome,

Babysitter, Sans Kompair! (*)



Three years she sat the kids for us!

Three years did not want pay!

But Westward Ho after three years

Bible College per se!



Met a Lindsay, married!  Had kids!

Three beautiful girls, one blonde.

Two live close by, have kids of their own,

Dianne and Donna they bond!



One named a Samuel after me!

All are precious and loved!

My constant longing and prayer is to

Meet them in heaven above!



(*) No comparison



Sam Cox  04.21.09

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