Eternity, foreverness, everlasting life!

Forever peace and joy above! Or forever strife!

Below where Satan dwells where shadows reach to smother,

Satanic norm brutality, despising one another.



Greedily reaching out never quite possessing,

Torment everlastingly riches gone confessing

Need!  I need now, surely all such needs determine,

I need, I want, I will get now!  Nothing left but vermin.



R.G. LeTourneau built earth movers, lived on ten percent,

The rest he gave where needed.  Millions plus well spent,

In heaven now rejoicing with the many he had blest!

Who through His faithfulness, the Son of God professed!



In heaven confessing where need is not a factor!

God alone supplying and supreme Contractor!

Bless the Lord, oh my soul, a longing for that land,

Such beauty there to greet us!  How can one understand?



The difference, everlasting, no future to worry.

The now is the future!  No more hurry or scurry!

Take your time to discover what God has prepared,

An everlasting never ending Glory to share!



Eternal, everlasting, no beginning, no end.

That what we mortal finite cannot comprehend!

However long I live the clearer it becomes!

When flying with angels, I will not need to know no sums!



Fact is I won’t need feathers like what is found on bird wings!

Spirits defy gravity, no substance to them clings!

Spirit, the real you, ever living, death defies!

Forever free liberated!  No more dust in your eyes!



Sam Cox  05.12.09


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