No stuff clings to the tonsils

Defying gravity!

From all putrefaction,

I will be forever free!



Case you wondered, the Spirit,

They saw Jesus when He arose

“Touch me not,” He told Mary,

For from head to his toes–



He was in some way different!

Sure, she wondered, did not ask!

Content to know He lived again

And in His presence bask!



Come on!  Spirit world is different!

Just too hard to contemplate!

Somehow we will live forever!

Does that credence satiate?



Probably no, I am thinking,

So what will satisfy?

Just one look at the Savior!

Whom they crucified!



He appeared to a Mary but

Do not touch is His request.

There was nothing out of order

Surely nothing you would detest!



Did not want her to be frightened!

Or alarmed to discover,

That her fingers would find nothing!

Nothing there undercover!



You see spirits can appear and

That is what Jesus did!

The Spirit, everlastingly

Continues to live!



Sure, the flesh cannot comprehend,

But some future day we will know,

Ever as we are known to God who

This lack does condone!



Of course, we will understand it better,

“When the mists have rolled away!”

When at last we see Jesus on

That brighter happy day!



Dear God, do not want to miss it

How can anyone afford,

To miss the everlasting sight

Of Jesus, our God, our Lord!



Sam Cox  05.14.09

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