I am alone now, but never alone!

For God is always here!

Who can be alone with my Lord,

Jesus, forever near?



“I will never leave, nor forsake you!”

Did he not say this to me?

He said it to all who trust Him!

Can take it personally!



Of course, He made it personal!

I broke three ribs when I fell.

Pain was near unbearable!

I prayed, God made it well!



Age twenty-six in combat!

Led patrol near everyday,

For six long months being shot at!

Many died by the way.



“I will never leave, nor forsake you!”

A personal word to all!

All, that is, who trust and obey,

And in faith on Him call!



“Born again,” cannot help hear Him

Speak and the sound of His voice

Unmistakable though a whisper,

Just listen!  It is your choice.



Of course, you can hear!  The heart tells you!

He leads where ever you go.

God who made you and everything

Can be trusted!  This I know!



Did not He lead me these 90-plus years?

Did He not promise He would?

Contained in this heart, is the firm faith

That God’s Word is good!



Sam Cox  05.19.09

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