Refurbish can only mean, clean up time!

And do it again better!

Yes!  Jesus died to clean us up!

Only this time forever!



That is for His perfect eternal abode!

Trust!  He does it right!

The goodness you claim, merely a flake!

Will not do in God’s sight!



“The just shall live by faith in Him

And His death on Calvary!”

“He became sin who knew no sin!”

The Perfect One died for me!



Perfection died as a sinner on

That criminal cross.

How else can we say, “He took our place.”

Calvary His loss!



That Perfect Lamb crucified for  a l l!

We have all sinned, all have failed,

Missed His glory, all have come way short,

Truly, as in curtailed!



Just as Adam sinned and was booted out

Of that garden’s perfection.

How can we know how perfect it was

Until we reach heaven!



Heavenly home as in perfect!  So fair!

Imagine such a place!

Impossible!  Only angels up there

Can tell of perfect grace!



Absolutely no sorrow or sickness!  There all is joy!

Imagination falls way short!

Impossible to figure!  Cannot touch!

Plain thinking can only abort!



Kingdom perfect and glorious peace

Consider way out of reach!

To even imagine systems beyond

Just an impossible breach!



Kingdom glorious perfect the joy!

Along with angelic sounds,

Singing like we have never heard before!

Cannot imagine, just way out beyond!



the Sam 05.26.13

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