Extra help is called for when

Age persistently calls

And we are unable to resist,

Humbly take the fall!



Accepting the inevitable,

Since cannot make demands!

Far passed the predictable hour of death

And gave in to your fans!



“Please do not die yet!  Try to make it to

The century mark!  Then

Have something to crow about!

To that grandson of ten.”



Scout I was in the World Was II

And was shot at, yes, aplenty!

Of course, missed, God had plans for me.

Our squad lost more than twenty!



Squad of twelve often cut to four,

Did God have plans for me?

Through wooded island, The Philippines,

Six grueling months!  We see!



No dead found or buried!  Then did someone say,

“Enemy must have ate them!”

Not hard at all to this understand!

With no supplies sent them!



Since war brings out the worst in any

Man, or so it seems!

Satanic forces working longer

To the Hell-bent leans.



Then memory lingers on a scene

To my tortured mind,

Enemy in gleeful laughter

I get closer and find–



One of us stretched on a spit

On a fire roasting

To satiate, drooling hunger, of

Enemy and boasting–



Of their capture of this one,

Sure, way back W. W. II!

But how does one forget such sights?

Memory lingers true.



War times defeatist attitude

Like, burying the pain

Of loss inevitable

We shoot that one, no shame!



War time horror!  How to forget?

Memories linger on!

Forget it!  Sure!  But tell me how!

Forgiving!  Forgetting how long.



As long as it takes!  To see Jesus on that cross,

“Father forgive they know not what they do.”



the Sam 05.24.13

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