Most confusing this life is,

To put it mildly!

Dislike other people but

Pets, we treat kindly!



Reason?  Pets do not talk back!

And that is s big plus!

But pets are not human,

They are not like us!



Just what kind of life would

This be if we all

Were always agreeable?

Variations, no call!



Obstinately confirming

No change!  That I see!

Could wish that my life mate

Were always like me.



Monotonous this compulsion,

Always right never wrong!

No room for disagreement,

Now there is a mournful song!



Divorcées could tell the tale,

No element of change!

No thought of giving in at all!

My life to rearrange!



Would be like admitting wrong!

Can you not see

If I were to admit to that,

No credibility!



Corporations have meetings

To voice opinions there!

Agreement can be reached by a vote!

Agreeable and fair!



Life would be monotonous

To say the very least.

Contingencies determining

A fasting or a feast!



I think that God’s blessing and smile

Would still rest on me,

If I were to agree to

Disagree agreeably!



Sam Cox 05.22.09


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