The rambunctious past?  I did it all!

Reiterate?  No!  Just believe!

Space travel, scientist?  Nothing like that!

But earth?  What more to conceive?



A scholar of travel, take it in!

Rough and tumble!  Delight!

Hitchhiked the states, tumbled each sea!

Plus the Indian Ocean!  That’s right!



Atlantic, Pacific, many seas!

English Channel, what else?

No!  I did not swim all these waters!

Sri Lanka, too warm for me.



But brother and I swam it anyhow!

Indian Ocean, a bit too warm!

Ceylon, I prefer it that way!

Do not think it could bring it harm!



The harm involved, monsters of the deep!

Judging from what we found

In our pockets once on shore,

Baby black snakes abound!



Pockets emptied, watched as they slithered

Up the sand toward mother!

Ashamed to recall, we laughed at her fear!

Self and my older brother!



“They are harmless!”  I yelled as she moved away!

Huge something gave them birth!

Were they harmless?  Do not know.  Do not care to know.

To discover, surely not worth.



Sea serpents, some small, some huge!

Humongous denizens of the deep!

Could they crush, swallow?  Maybe both?

Do not auction them off, too cheap!



No other swimmers in that warm bath

Waters tipped down sudden depth.

Suppose God watched over both of us?

To present 90 He has kept!



90-plus years He has kept me,

But what purpose suppose?

I preached the Gospel most everywhere,

Now poetry I propose!






Sam Cox  06.01.09

3 thoughts on “WHO KNOWS?

  1. statistics details says:

    You are a very persuasive writer. I can see this in your article. You have a way of writing compelling information that sparks much interest.

  2. martina says:

    Articolo molto interessante… questi di sicuro non sono i soliti consigli triti e ritriti… grazie per lo spunto.

  3. camilla says:

    e’ difficile trovare persone competenti su questo argomento, ma sembra proprio che voi sappiate davvero di cosa state parlando! Grazie

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