Love of God, how can this be?

Sinner saved from sin!  Set free?

Some still remains, the stain, the guilt.

May always be!  The sand, the silt!



Prayer Christ taught, “Forgive today!

Trespasses that lead astray!”

He knows our weakness frame of mind.

One sinless person, hard to find!



Enoch walked with God, “And was not!”

God took him!  Heaven was his lot!

Another prince, Moses, who died,

Remains not found on that mountainside.



Laid claim and nothing there revealed,

The book was closed and remains concealed!

Those two who left God closed the door,

Just two who left!  We know no more!



His love still reaches down to me!

A sinner saved by grace, set free!

Unlike Moses, I will have to stay!

Until that everlasting day!



Sinless I am not!  I have my faults!

Like, too much food, I love malts!

Despicable!  This tendency!

Someday I will be forever free!



Glorified body will it require

Food to subsist?  An earnest desire

To know but I am content

To wait to discover true Heaven-sent.



Faults are sins and my sins are faults!

And much more than my love for malts!

Then someday must I answer for

Precious Blood of Jesus, I adore!



The blood that washes out my sin,

I plead the blood!  The plea within

My heart cries out, “Remember Me!”

Lost soul in heaven, found and free!



S. Cox (that’s me)  05.22.09

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