My faith tells me that there is a land

Brighter, far than day!

If I cannot repeat what is already said,

There is nothing left to say.



Solomon repeats, “There is nothing new!”

Everything’s already done!

What we say has already been said!

Nothing new under the sun!



That is not going to stop what I have to say,

Though may have been said many times!

But has it been stated poetically?

In words put down in rhyme?



A catchy phrase can capture a thought,

That has been stated over and over,

But is it remembered?  Register?

Like, as you go out the door!



Like, heaven, we know there is such a place!

Christ said, “I go to prepare…”

If we cannot believe what Jesus said,

Face it!  We have nothing to share!



Aside from the fact that there are folk

Who have been there and returned!

I believe what is written in God’s Word,

These words are true, I have learned!



Often repeated the words Jesus spoke,

“I go to prepare a place!”

“I will return… Receive you to myself!”

What Christ tells you cannot efface!



Or assume as imagination,

Again and again repeated!

All the writers, specially Jesus and John!

Who repeatedly treated!



Though considered visionary!

John’s words I have truly accepted!

Do not knock it!  Many since have had visions!

Some we have not rejected!



All Apostles, other writers, too,

Agree on what Jesus said.

In fact, it is the hope that kept them pure!

Large portion of Living Bread!



“I go to prepare a place for you…”

Of course, He does not explain!

I believe God delights in a surprise!

Surprise it will remain!



Until He reveals it, Himself in heaven!

Does God take joy in surprise?

Catch His appearance, His resurrection!

Smile as He opens blind eyes!



We are all blind until He says, “Behold,” then we open our eyes to see Majesty!



Sam Cox 05.17.09

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