Not thousands, not hundreds, just

One picked off each day.

But each one remembered there

Was good (*).  Left where he lay!



Then this big guy, too big for the troops,

Figure he put on some weight,

Army chow, guess good for him.

Skinny I came in late!



Watched him drunk night after night,

Flat out in his urine.

Joe’s place Dumaguete, Negros (**)

Seacoast town we were in.



Nothing to live for, so get drunk.

Beautiful wife back home,

Lovely child with waiting wife!

And here not alone!



Loyal friends fought for several years!

Through bloody wounds and death!

This one outstanding for him they would die!

Loyalty with last breath!



Time soon came to move up that hill!

Then found myself alone!

The only one who saw enemy!

Am I really the one clone?



Then recognition!  Big guy came up!

“What you shooting at, Sam?”

Another 1st Scout?  How did he know my name?

And why should he give a d—-?



I screamed, “Get down!  I am not test firing!”

As I turned behind this tree,

I heard ‘pow’ and down he went!

Guess it was him or me.



Of course, I was sent up to get that guy,

Who shot their hero down!

Might as well get it over with,

The thinking of this clown.



Thought that I would get nailed for sure!

Did not care, took that trail.

Went up and around to the side,

Stood there and watched detail!



Suddenly stood!  Looked down where I had been,

Thoughts?  Cannot describe!

“Cannot shoot this guy!  But I have to!”

Slowly he turned to my side.



Saw me, went down!  As I fired I turned,

No hurry, went back,

To my troops, flopped to the green.

Slept, could not keep track!



When I woke up, leech through my lip,

At least 10 hours at best.

Bit off inside, cigarette butt through beard,

Looked around at the rest!



“Move out!”  They had waited for me!

Once more I took the lead!

Sensed a new respect as I went.

Sure, I had done the deed!



(*) His name.

(**) Philippine Islands



S. Cox  06.08.09

God let me live!  Why?

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