Of course, God answers every prayer!

A gentle no we may hear!

And many times it is wait awhile as

He seeks to draw you near!



Does He not know what we need?

Surely, you know He is aware!

Your every thought determining

As with others we share.



We forget at time that we are Eternal,

Tendency is to exist,

For this physical, visible, only!

Where it only consists!



“This is the only life I have,”

A TV commercial declares!

No soul, no spirit, just body here!

What hopelessness compares!



This life only, consider thoughtless!

Life has only one point.

May as well live it up, for sure,

Rest of life in some joint!



Life has meaning, preparing to dwell in

Eternity’s City, compare

Way beyond this vale, so empty

Full of fear and despair.



Most cults build their castle’s wide

Their dream cities and such,

This is it!  For this life only.

Why bother?  Why keep in touch?



“Let not your heart be troubled,”  Christ said,

“Fear not!  I am with you always!”

Eternal Life awaits you, meanwhile,

Have hope through remaining days!



“In My Father’s house,” soon you will see

Many homes await!

Lots of space in the Heavens above!

Forever joy!  What a date!



No tears up there!  Just endless joy!

Glorious, jubilant song!

Ageless, joyous, limitlessness,

Everlastingly belong!



Sam Cox 06.03.09

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