He reads my mind!

Of course, He can!  He made it!

He does not make me think His thoughts

Nor can I contradict it!



Contradict?  But first I must know,

What God is saying truly,

And if my life is a contradiction.

Thoughts too are unruly!



God says more than the Bible tells us!

And here false teachers flourish!

The unprincipled, the ignorant

On this truly nourish!



Just they who, “Delight in the Lord abide,”

Abiding in Him we delight!

Cannot ‘delight in’ unless we abide!

Experiencing daily on sight!



Of course, we see Him, the One we love,

Deep in your heart you can know!

“Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief!”

Small children who love Him so!



“Unless we become as…” we cannot know

Him who loved us so much.

He endured the torture of cruel death

From some who had felt His touch!



Many who had felt the Healing touch

Who slipped back into old ways,

As Israel, the backsliding heifer, (*)

Went sinning, the rest of her days!



Does not the word suggest as much?

The backsliding (one who once knew),

Had an intimate knowledge at one time.

Does not the word construe?



Seems tragically impossible to

Know salvation then skid

As far back into old ways of sin!

Like, Satan won the bid.



Liking the thought (of what he threw up)

Assimilating again!

Savoring, enjoying this time again

The sickening taste of sin!



(*) Hosea 4:16



the Sam 05.04.13


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