For you, my God of mystery,

This verse I make that all my see!

Should I be ashamed because I know

There is no one else to whom to go?



You alone can help this boy ever!

Not father, mother, brother, or other,

None beyond with eyes to behold

Can even perceive this one so bold!



Who living forever then should I know

Just where I am and where I should go!

Who has the answer?  They must believe

What God’s Word tells us!  This I receive!



Of course!  I believe in foreverness!

Whether in heaven this I confess,

Just is not another place at all

That I care to consider, obey the call!



Big call, Jesus’ words I will truly obey!

Not my own will, only His always!

If I should falter, did not the Christ

In that garden but accepted His price?



“Not My will but Thine be done.”

A fight to the finish and as God’s Son,

May I not follow in His perfect way?

Saying, “Yes,” to Jesus, say it today!



Especially when it seems hard to do!

“My yoke is easy,” I will help you through.

My road not so easy!  What should I say?

Just help me follow  You everyday!



Especially when it seems so hard to do!

Then “My yoke is easy,” I will see you through.

This is not easy!  Then you may say,

God help me follow You this day!



The endless blue, blue, forever He is The God!

God is existence forever He trod!

Without end!  The ever since or beginning,

Our God forever the endless inning!



I am not good enough?  Do not need to be

Only God is good!  His words to me!

Repentant the only!  And He does forgive!

No matter how perfectly we may live!



the Sam, who but The Word 04.19.13

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