My sole duty, responsibility?

My sole duty is response!

So when God’s call came clearly to me,

I know well how to pronounce–



“I will!  I am ready!  Lord send me!”

No argument, just say, yes!

Seems God had a hard time with saints long ago!

Almost like treading on glass!



Yes, I do mean yes!  Let God work it out!

No need to fear any outcome,

You know God’s will is the best!

And forget about income!



God saw us through three years or more,

On three-thousand dollars a year.

With places to sleep, plenty to do!

Hunger?  Never a fear!



The Baptizer lived most of his life

On locusts and wild honey.

While I spent only six wartime months

On bullion and strong coffee!



Lost thirty pounds, stayed down for 3 years,

Little more than muscle!

To stay healthy, alive, and kicking,

Learned how to hustle!



Years dodging bullets can keep you trim,

Strange how they can miss you.

Army life, exercise, God’s protection, yes,

God’s protection keeps you!



Glad to say, yes, after many close calls!

Yes, to pastoral training!

Yes, to claiming the one girl for me!

Yes, and who’s complaining?



Long hours, of course, work to do,

Study, preach, compare,

To a life of indulgence, lassitude,

Sure, I lost some hair!



And I lost those sins, God keeps me clean!

My love for Him each day,

Pronounces, “Abide with me,”

For it is a narrow way!



Narrow and straight!  Keep on keeping on!

Only one way to know!

To God’s blessed everlasting,

Just one way to show!



Sam Cox 06.29.09

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