A lambasting I received truly physically!

In the ring fists a flying!  I could hardly see!

Held up for three rounds then ref. stopped the fight!

I had quit throwing punches, referee was right!



Fists covered my face while the hard punches came!

Knocking off my own gloves, to face 3 rounds the same.

I did not go down though, at times, hard to stand up.

When ref. stopped the fight I was one grateful pup!



A far cry from High School where it seemed everyone

Had a healthy fear of my fists, every mother’s son!

“A fighter he will be,” predictions all agreed,

But my first pro fight proved my sorrowful need!



Attempt, I believe, was to go out with a bang!

And my face truly showed it, fair, black and blue slam!

On the farm I was rugged; rough, tough, hard to bluff!

But grew soft in the city, no more fights, had enough!



For a month my face was a picture to see!

From hairline to jaw, looked a little like me!

Got tired of hearing, “What happened to you?”

Like, after a fight always black and blue.



But perhaps this was just a lesson to show,

That the fight I must win is not a blow by blow,

But the war against Satan and sins stormy blast.

Are saints living for Jesus where the dye is cast?



Well, have I arrived yet?  Do I pass the test?

Remember not a matter of, like, doing my best,

Best is not good enough, it is way too dim!

Just live for Jesus!  Be more like Him!



Just me Ole Sam 07.14.09

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