Enemy scattered in those hills, always a cave nearby.

Always a cave, cave was home, “Come in!”  Great way to die!

Toss a grenade, think that will do it?  Maybe, maybe not!

Sleep at night half an eye open.  Make it a burial plot.



Made it!  “You still alive?  With your foxhole out in the open?”

Four months to go.  How should we know?  Feet sore!  How to soak them?

Been in these hills two months, I guess.  How many more?  Do not know!

Made it!  Only lost one!  Eleven more men to go.



Four men left, rod caught one.  Could not see, looked straight ahead!

Losing more men, seems easier now.  Many old-timers dead!

Careless, no ticket home!  Buried right there by that tree!

Or just left there to be eaten by the enemy.



Some say, “It was hell!”  Do not think so, hell is forever!

War, if you make it, go home someday!  Hell, think never!

Hell is hell.  Do not want to go.  That’s one place to stay clear!

Develop sensitivity to Jesus, to stay always near!



He will never leave nor forsake, was with me in those hills.

Doubt Him, well, you may make it but it is unbelief that kills!

This death, know it is, like, forever and apart from our God!

Jesus loves you!  Wants you always abiding in His Word!



Of course I know some in glory felt they were Heaven bound!

I will greet them, “Buddy, you made it,” and we will glory in the sound!



Heaven I know my abiding place, Heaven is my home!



Sam Cox 07.14.09 See you there!

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