What have I?  I have faith, believe God is true!

By faith I look for a country.  What else is there to do?

This country I look for is certain!

God promised and He will follow through!



This country, of course, I know it is there!

Where?  What is this place?  And to what compare?

We seek directions anticipating

A place that we all can share!



Not a place, as pictured, with steeples high!

In a far off Netherlands, mountains nigh,

This city, this place, God has prepared,

Jesus described it!  He does not lie!



“I go to prepare a place…”  Did He not say? (*)

A place where I will see you again someday!

A city, place, maybe planet somewhere,

My longing!  I seek!  I pray!



This body torment both daytime and night,

And I think I am growing too weak to fight!

Please come!  Take me home, Jesus, I pray.

Longing for that city so bright!



But I know there is something I still must do,

As I struggle through torment, He will see me through!

What is this task that burns within?

What?  So I will write a poem or two!



Maybe three or four or even six!

Sure, this is easier than toting bricks!

As God gives thought, I will just scribble them down,

Easier than a whole bunch of tricks!



God gives strength as I write then type them down!

As I long for more rest and gaze around,

Wondering what is here or there, anywhere.

Enough to accomplish for this ole’ clown!



(*) John 14



Sam Cox 07.08.09

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