The noise of strife cannot dispel

The quiet confidence

Contained in a nation’s freedom!

We sing in its defense!



“Land of the free,” where courage stands,

A symbol of our freedom.

Unlike so many other lands,

Where men have been and come from.



So who am I to say what is right,

This land of the free?

In this, “Home of the brave,” delight!




Where our God is worshiped freely,

So do I love this land?

My Country, it is of thee,

I acknowledge and stand!



The father of our country stood

For the Father of us all!

Father, God, sole Creator

On this we rise or fall!



Not Mercury, Neptune, or Atlas,

Creator of these created!

“Land of the free and home of the brave,”

Counterfeits ill fated!



My love for Country is exceeded by

Love for our God who made her.

Let’s face it, the One who made me

Also the One Creator!



Therefore, “My Country ‘tis of thee,

Let freedom ring!”

Raise my voice forever free!

Whenever I sing!



Sam Cox 07-09

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